• Removed weapon achievement text; moved weapon to center of widget and scaled up.
  • Set two android permission overrides to try and fix Oculus complaints.



  • Made the weapon achievement detect the device and display the proper controls for swapping weapons (important for Windows builds).



  • Updated weapon haptics to make them more appropriate and unique.



  • Volume mixing adjustments.
  • Menu radial is now blue.
  • Updated tutorial to show controllers and highlight buttons that should be pressed.
  • Updated tutorial the pace of it more controllable by the user, so that steps don’t fly by and be confusing.
  • Updated asteroid belt particle system to an actor that is more controllable in the menu.
  • Many behind the scenes changes to support the Windows/Steam version of the build.



  • Stability changes



  • Added menu widget that appears when you hold down the menu button (while not in the menu) similar to the Oculus reset view.



  • The tutorial has been updated to allow returning to previous steps, skipping to next steps you’ve already done.



  • You now have to hold the menu button for 2 seconds before it will return to menu, to make it less able to be accidentally pressed.
  • Replaced the pistol, darkness pistol, and shotgun projectiles to look like they have a larger end and smaller tail.
  • Fixed tutorial and weapon achievement text to reflect the menu and button changes.



  • Forgot to update the version on the Exit Game widget … 0.5.8.



  • Turned down level 8 music very slightly.



  • Removed reset to forward on pushing in the Oculus touch stick.
  • Removed Y and B buttons incrementing weapons.
  • Adjusted tutorial to fit these changes.
  • I now scroll to your score if your score is in the first 20 of the scores.
  • Added a quit widget with version number.



  • Modified space material.
  • Modified coloring on the settings menu.



  • Updated Unreal Engine to 4.27.1, switch to using OpenXR instead of Oculus plugin.
  • Camera fade is now done a different way to support any VR headset instead of just Oculus.
  • Leaderboard uses online services instead of Oculus plugin, and highlights your score.
  • Escape key quits the game (for use in Windows version)
  • Audio has been remixed to make the music louder, and to make sounds fall off less quickly as they are far away.



  • Minor tweaks the the weapon look.



  • Sounds have been replaced.
  • Weapons have a new material.
  • Back-end work for the Steam version that will run on Windows.
  • Fixed issue where when you hovered on a button you didn’t see 5 images of it fading out.



  • Fixed two bugs in the weapon widget screen (if you hit menu, it wouldn’t go to the menu; if you disabled a weapon, it only deselected it from the left hand).
  • Added LODs so that the weapons that display in the weapon widget don’t kill performance.



  • Made it so you can test shoot while in the weapon area, if you point away from the widget, or shoot with your off hand.



  • Fixed issues with volume balance on the enemy.
  • Swapped to a new rocket launch sound.
  • Set “Fearless” difficulty level to asteroid speed 2.0, which was intended (it was set to 1.0).



  • Set compression on logo to UI, now looks better.
  • Made a weapon widget, which is accessible under the high score menu, to see all the weapons that are possible to collect and their properties.
  • Added option to disable collected weapons in weapons menu so that they are easier to select.
  • Modified tutorial and powerup use so that you can use a powerup with the grip button.
  • Save the last selected or completed level so that in the menu, it selects the last level you played or completed.
  • All levels now have unique music.
  • Some enemy sounds have been replaced.



  • Throttled haptic and sound when selecting widgets.
  • Set pointer mode to appear only on one hand and allow you to select that hand in the menu.
  • Updated tutorial so if you look away, you will be reset when the asteroid is spawned.



  • Updated Unreal Engine to 4.27.
  • Altered selecting so that you can only select with one hand, which is selectable in the menus (both hands caused issues with button activation).
  • Set powerups to make a ping sound and play a particle effect once they are spawned. This way it’s easier for the player to notice them.



  • The platform shield can now regenerate once it has been disabled. If you pick use a platform shield powerup once it has collapsed, a effect/sound will play and it will come back.
  • Removed a check for the headset which broke the scoreboard.
  • Enemies now move by accelerating into the movement and slowing down as they approach their destination.
  • Enemies now rotate in a random motion.



  • Set enemy projectiles to solid color to mimic gun projectiles.
  • Added assault rifle.
  • Added grenade launcher.
  • Adding homing pistol.
  • Added homing rocket launcher.
  • Instanced rocket trails.



  • Altered back stick so that it flips around always; so if you are facing left and hit back, you face right, etc. This way it always responds.
  • Added a sniper rifle; achieve it by beating level 6 on normal.
  • Fixed a bug with the enemy not being able to be killed if you did more damage than would cause it to have 0 health.
  • Set projectiles to sweep while moving, making them hit things more easily.
  • Added a secondary mesh to asteroids and enemies, to make them easier to see (they now have additive internal color).
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t destroy the asteroid in the tutorial.



  • Added “boss” asteroids which appear for the first time in level 5.
  • Added “enemies” which appear for the first time in level



  • The menu now has lock and gun icons to tell you if a level is inaccessible because you haven’t beat the previous levels, and to see where a new weapon is achieved.
  • Changed disabled level color to black.
  • Moved rocket launcher to level 3 hard achievement.
  • Fixed issues with the rocket launcher preventing triangle indicators from appearing on asteroids (I think!).
  • Rescaled all weapons but the initial pistol and centered them in your hand. This way they don’t feel too big like the were.
  • The rocket launcher now has a red explosion so you can see it more easily; it now destroys more asteroids in AOE to feel more useful.



  • Levels that are inaccessible now appear on the menu, but they cannot be selected, and are shown in red.



  • Levels that are inaccessible now appear on the menu, but they cannot be selected, and are shown in red.



  • Added a rocket launcher, which is achieved by completing level 3 on normal difficulty.
  • The rocket launcher shoots rockets slowly, but they destroy large asteroids in one shot.
  • The rocket launcher also has an area of effect (AOE) where the rockets hit, which can destroy other asteroids around where it hits. 
  • Added a check to prevent spawning the platform shield powerup if the platform shield has failed. Once it’s failed, it’s not possible to regenerate it now.
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles and asteroids would appear one frame off their actual location; it’s now easier to shoot smaller or faster moving asteroids.
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon achievement could show the wrong gun if it was achieved at the same level but different difficulty level.
  • Added a tutorial which is accessible from the menu; it’s on the bottom of the settings.



  • I made the shotgun projectiles automatically destroy themselves at a range of .75 of the arena shield.
  • However, they now can’t hit asteroids that are super far away. So this is a trade off, and these values may need to be tweaked.
  • Using a shotgun in the off-hand and a pistol in the main hand is a good pair now!



  • When you beat all levels, the game continues on the next difficulty level. For example, if you beat level 10 easy, you start on level 1 normal.
  • You can only start at levels that you have previously achieved other than the first level per difficulty. This way you have to beat level 7 on easy. 
  • There is a hidden difficulty level “Fearless” which is after hard; it multiplies score by 4, and turns off the platform shield. 
  • I added checks to prevent showing weapon achievements that have already occurred.
  • Set up weapon achievements to trigger at a level and difficulty; so now to get the pistol you have to beat level 3 easy, and shotgun level 6 easy.
  • Increased the rate of fire for the secondary pistol and increased it’s projectile velocity. This way it’s more useful, it felt like there was no reason to use it before.
  • On hard or fearless difficulty, where you can shoot the arena shield, the damage taken now reflects the projectile damage. 
  • Reset the high scores to reflect the new game flow.



  • When you increment/decrement weapon selection, the selection now loops back around so that if you go past the final weapon you select.
  • The shotgun blast sometimes was grouped strangely due to order of rotation (random first, then full rotation). I reversed the order and it seems to have fixed the problem.



  • When you increment/decrement weapon selection, the selection now loops back around so that if you go past the final weapon you select.
  • The shotgun blast sometimes was grouped strangely due to order of rotation (random first, then full rotation). I reversed the order and it seems to have fixed the problem.



  • Two new weapons were added, the heavy pistol, and shotgun.
  • They are able to be achieved once you complete level 3 and level 6. You will see weapon achievement information once you finish these levels.
  • Selecting weapons is done with A/B and X/Y on the left and right hand; the top button incrementing the weapon choice and the bottom decrementing.
  • Once you’ve pasted the levels where you get these weapons, you can use them whenever you start a game, even at level 1.
  • The save game file has changed to remember what weapons you’ve selected; you may need to uninstall/reinstall the game if it gives you issues.



  • Changed the menu font.
  • Removed individual settings buttons and replaced them with three difficulty settings.
  • Changed the display to show infinity if there’s no time out.
  • Set up the rift version of the app to get it’s leaderboard for testing in Windows.
  • Set the difficulty settings to different colors to easily show what has changed.
  • Turned down UI focus/lose focus sounds (half volume). Halved the haptic length for menu navigation.
  • Added haptic on/off button.
  • Added music volume slider.
  • Saved the difficulty level, haptic, and music volume into the saved game.



  • The high score board now centers around the user, shows 20 high scores, and has a scroll bar which you can click/drag to see the scores.