Get free access to Astroroxx and test the Alpha / Beta

We are looking for play testers of the Astroroxx VR game for Oculus Quest 1 and Oculus Quest 2

If you own one of these VR headsets and you´re willing to provide feedback while and after playing Astroroxx alpha / beta, please fill out the form below to apply.


    In order to give you access to the ASTROROXX alpha version for free, we need you to agree on some terms.

    1. You need to provide us with your real name and real email address. Fake names or fake emails will not be accepted.
    2. IMPORTANT: You need to provide the same email address here that you used for your Oculus account. If you don´t provide the same email, we can´t sign you up for the alpha with your Oculus account.
    3. We want to send you emails and ask questions about the game so we can collect feedback and improve.
    4. We might ask you to fill out a short online survey from time to time.
    5. You install and play Astroroxx at your own risk. We don´t guarantee that alpha versions work perfectly.